He was daring, he didn’t give a fuck and he gave the finger to his bosses on more than one occasion. Persistent, resolute, quick learner and a fierce defender of his work, Gerry’s talent was soon discovered and set towards advertisement.

His work was provoking and fun and he had a great ability to portray a message clearly, directly and strikingly. His attitude was that of an impatient conqueror: he started off as a shoe designer and worked to pay off his studies in the USA as a grocery shop boy and a waiter in both Australia and New Zealand. He never managed to study in the States though, but he elegantly made it there to work.

His commitment to his work pushed him from country to country in the pursuit of professional recognition, which took also the form of trophies like CANNES’ lions (France), CLIO and MAX Awards (USA), FACTS (Australia) and AMPE (Spain).

He shot in Los Angeles, worked in London, Sydney, Auckland and Madrid. Eager as he is to know, have fun and satiate his curiosity he met the stars and originally talented people in three continents, mingled with all, travelled all he could and enjoyed long lasting friendships with people from work.

He worked accounts for diamonds, petrol companies, art museums, fashion and luxury and he’s living testimony of the history of advertisement, having lived –lucky bastard- through its apex: the 80s.

It would seem that for Gerry’s career the point was in never stopping, and never being satisfied. Because there is always more and it’s better and it’s coming his way.

So, as he puts it, be cheeky, go for it and, most importantly, fuck the rest.

the revolution was actually televised

only a few posters were rescued from the fire

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