Artefacto Libertad is a residency for open-minded artists who are brave enough to explore Gerry’s world and work. Paintings, photographs, ads, international campaigns and watercolor journals are some of the pieces the artist can gain inspiration from during four days. After this short and intense dive into the Aussie’s perspective on life, the artist is invited to produce a work which will be exhibited in Madrid. Gerry opens his home and studio to the guest and the interaction will vary according to the artist’s curiosity and nerve.

Artefacto is located in calle Libertad, Freedom Street, and free are the artists and Gerry to discover affinities and their own personal take on the residency. All mediums and origins are welcome. The artists will enjoy full board and lodging in the centre of Madrid

Already having indecent thoughts about this residency? Well done, that’s the spirit. If you want to receive more info and join us, fill the blanks.

C/ La Libertad 20
Madrid 28009
0034 617 245 063

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