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His father lied and fought in the two wars. He was only 17 when he became an English gunner in WW1. Fighting off a German byplane in the northern region of France, the pilot was killed and he was forced to land. He was fortunately found and tended to in France, where he bore witness to the treaty of Versailles in 1919.
How do you travel as a kid from Adelaide to Melbourne? If your father started his military career in the Royal Air Force and continued as a wing commander in the Royal Australian Air Force, you fly the distance on the pilot’s lap. Seeing things from above already then.
He has a sweet tooth and anxiety issues. On an important family reunion in Adelaide, the tension made him insatiable. Here he is right after eating off all he could grab in the sweet shop. He is about to throw up.
In Melbourne, at his cousin’s family house, he saw a boomerang exhibited on the chimney. Having ascertain the coast was clear, he grabbed it, run off and threw it. He spent the next month looking for the only fucking boomerang that has never made it back.
Consider this: your cousin has a human-size playhouse in the yard, it’s summer, you both feel like skating and there are several plum trees nearby. If you are an 11 year old determined Aussie boy used to flying, you persuade your cousin to miraculously forget all consequences and to forgo all home-made marmalade for a year and plum-carpet the floor. Obviously.
He has done it too: the spiritual sessions in the 50s. Sydney, Paddington, what used to be dangerous and dreary and full of immigrants who knew how to cook, sitting around a table with most of them and drinking. An improvised Ouija board makes its appearance and so did three Russian spirits devoted to implant communism in Australia. They didn’t go far.
Relentlessly looking for something new everywhere he went, here he is in Spain at the Feria de Abril. Meet el niño de Adelaide.
And relentlessly looking for changes in scenery, here he is driving across Europe in a Bentley.
He was there, he has done it and he wants to do more.
He wants you to meet him in his studio.
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